EPS 290, Topics in Atmospheric Dynamics, Fall 2016


This course covers current and classic papers in atmospheric dynamics with an eye towards aiding students involved in graduate-level research projects.

Wednesdays at 9:30
377 McCone Hall


8/24, Edman leads
  • Harrop and Hartmann, The role of cloud heating within the atmosphere on the high cloud amount and top-of-atmosphere cloud radiative effect, JAMES, 2016
8/31, Da leads
  • Byrne and O'Gorman, Understanding decreases in land relative humidity with global warming: conceptual model and GCM simulations, J Climate, 2016
9/7, Rusen leads
  • Shaffer et al., Deep time evidence for climate sensitivity increase with warming, GRL, 2016
9/14, Edman leads
  • Robinson, Sherwood, and Li, Resonant Response of Deep Convection to Surface Hot Spots, JAS, 2008
9/21, Seeley leads
  • Bang and Zipser, Seeking reasons for the differences in size spectra of electrified storms over land and ocean, JGR, 2016
9/28, Dana leads
  • O'Gorman, Precipitation extremes under climate change, CCCR, 2015
10/5, with guest Tim Cronin
  • Beucler and Cronin, Moisture-radiative cooling instability, JAMES, 2016
10/12, Ben leads
  • Hamada et al., Regional Characteristics of Extreme Rainfall Extracted from TRMM PR Measurements, J Climate, 2014
10/19, Wolfgang leads
  • Tompkins and Semie, Spontaneous organization of convection in cloud resolving models critically depends on updraft entrainment strength and consequently on the horizontal turbulence mixing scheme formulation and high order numerical filters, JAMES, 2016
10/26, Seeley leads
  • Brast, Neggers, and Heus, What determines the fate of rising parcels in a heterogeneous environment?, JAMES, 2016
11/2, Ben leads
  • Chadwick et al., A Simple Moisture Advection Model of Specific Humidity Change over Land in Response to SST Warming, J Climate, 2016
11/9, Dana leads
  • Stevens, Rethinking the lower bound on aerosol radiative forcing, J Climate, 2015
11/16, with guest Elizabeth Barnes
  • Barnes et al., Isentropic transport and the seasonal cycle amplitude of CO2, JGR, 2016
11/30, Edman presents
  • AGU practice talk
12/7, Suqin presents
  • AGU practice talk