EPS 290, Topics in Atmospheric Dynamics, Summer 2016


This course covers current and classic papers in atmospheric dynamics with an eye towards aiding students involved in graduate-level research projects.

Wednesdays at 9:30
377 McCone Hall


5/25, Nadir leads
  • Tian and Kuang, Dependence of entrainment in shallow cumulus convection on vertical velocity and distance to cloud edge, GRL, 2016
6/1, Rusen leads
  • Turner et al., A large increase in U.S. methane emissions over the past decade inferred from satellite data and surface observations, GRL, 2016
6/8, Nadir leads
  • Cronin and Jansen, Analytic radiative-advective equilibrium as a model for high-latitude climate, GRL, 2016
6/15, Nadir leads
  • Morrison et al., Resilience of persistent Arctic mixed-phase clouds, Nature Geo, 2012
6/22, with guest Robin Wordsworth
  • Abiotic oxygen-dominated atmospheres on terrestrial habitable zone planets, AJL, 2014
6/29, Nadir leads
  • Romps, Clausius-Clapeyron scaling of CAPE from analytical solutions to RCE, JAS, 2016
7/6, Wolfgang leads
  • Wing and Cronin, Self-aggregation of convection in long channel geometry, QJRMS, 2016
7/13, Da leads
  • Nishant et al., Radiative driving of shallow return flows from the ITCZ, JAMES, 2016
7/20, Rusen leads
  • Gordon and Klein, Low-cloud optical depth feedback in climate models, JGR, 2014
7/27, Seeley leads
  • Bony, et al., Thermodynamic control of anvil cloud amount, PNAS, 2016
8/3, Edman leads
  • Muraki, Rotunno, and Morrison, Expansion of a holepunch cloud by a gravity wave front, JAS, 2016
8/17, Wolfgang leads
  • Heymsfield et al., Formation and spread of aircraft-induced holes in clouds, Science, 2011