EPS 290, Topics in Atmospheric Dynamics, Spring 2017


This course covers current and classic papers in atmospheric dynamics with an eye towards aiding students involved in graduate-level research projects.

Wednesdays at 9:30
377 McCone Hall


1/11, Seeley leads
  • Tippett et al., More tornadoes in the most extreme U.S. tornado outbreaks, Science, 2016
1/25, Edman leads
  • Stevens et al., Prospects for narrowing bounds on Earth's equilibrium climate sensitivity, Earth's Future, 2016
2/1, Rusen leads
  • Dessler, A determination of the cloud feedback from climate variations over the past decade, Science, 2010
2/8, Edman leads
  • Ingram, A very simple model for the water vapour feedback on climate change, QJRMS, 2010
2/15, with guest Andy Dessler
  • Virtual presentation
2/22, Alex leads
  • Zuidema, The 600-800-mb Minimum in Tropical Cloudiness Observed during TOGA COARE, JAS, 1998
3/1, with guest Sukyoung Lee
  • Lee, A theory for polar amplification from a general circulation perspective, Asia-Pacific JAS, 2014
3/8, with guest Ian Williams
  • Williams and Pierrehumbert, Observational evidence against strongly stabilizing tropical cloud feedbacks, GRL, 2017
3/22, Wolfgang leads
  • Arnold and Randall, Global-scale convective aggregation: Implications for the Madden-Julian Oscillation, JAMES, 2015
4/12, with guest Zhiming Kuang
  • Ma et al., Quantifying the eddy-jet feedback strength of the annular mode in an idealized GCM and reanalysis data, JAS, 2017
4/19, Dana leads
  • Tan et al., Observational constraints on mixed-phase clouds imply higher climate sensitivity, Science, 2016
4/26, Ben leads
  • Morrison, An analytic description of the structure and evolution of growing deep cumulus updrafts, JAS, 2017
5/3, Da leads
  • Wing et al., Convective self-aggregation in numerical simulations: a review, Surveys in Geophysics, 2017
5/10, with guest Toby Ault
  • Ault et al., Relative impacts of mitigation, temperature, and precipitation on 21st-century megadrought risk in the American Southwest, Science Advances, 2016