EPS 290, Topics in Atmospheric Dynamics, Spring 2019


This course covers current and classic papers in atmospheric dynamics with an eye towards aiding students involved in graduate-level research projects.

Wednesdays at 9:30
377 McCone Hall


1/9, Bolei leads
  • Stuecker et al., Polar amplification dominated by local forcing and feedbacks, Nature CC, 2018
1/16, Rusen leads
  • Burke et al., Pliocene and Eocene provide best analogs for near-future climates, PNAS, 2018
1/23, Suqin leads
  • Ferreira et al., Linking glacial-interglacial states to multiple equilibria of climate, GRL, 2018
2/6, Qindan leads
  • Shaw, Supersaturation intermittency in turbulent clouds, JAS, 2000
2/13, with guest Jiwen Fan
  • Fan et al., Microphysical effects determine macrophysical response for aerosol impacts on deep convective clouds, PNAS, 2013
2/20, Suqin leads
  • Kurowski et al., Is shallow convection sensitive to environmental heterogeneities?, GRL, 2019
2/27, Nathaniel leads
  • Murphy et al., An observationally based energy balance for the Earth since 1950, JGR, 2009
3/6, Qindan leads
  • Elsner et al., Increasingly powerful tornadoes in the United States, GRL, 2019
3/13, David leads
  • Mitchell and Lora, The climate of Titan, Annual Review of EPS, 2019
3/20, Nathaniel leads
  • Schneider et al., Possible climate transitions from breakup of stratocumulus decks under greenhouse warming, Nat Geo, 2019
3/27, Yi-Chuan leads
  • Singh et al., A model for the relationship between humidity, instability, and precipitation in the tropics, JAMES, 2019
4/3, Ben leads
  • Gertler and O'Gorman, Changing available energy for extratropical cyclones and associated convection in Northern Hemisphere summer, PNAS, 2019
4/10, Yi-Chuan leads
  • Lu et al., Observational relationship between entrainment rate and environmental relative humidity and implications for convection parameterization, GRL, 2018
4/17, Ben leads
  • Lutsko and Cronin, Increase in precipitation efficiency with surface warming in radiative-convective equilibrium, JAMES, 2018
4/24, with guest Mike Montgomery
  • Kilroy, Smith, and Montgomery, A unified view of tropical cyclogenesis and intensification, QJRMS, 2017
5/1, Rusen leads
  • Abatzoglou et al., Global emergence of anthropogenic climate change in fire weather indices, GRL, 2019