EPS 290, Topics in Atmospheric Dynamics, Fall 2021


This course covers current and classic papers in atmospheric dynamics and climate physics in general with an eye towards aiding students involved in graduate-level research projects.

Wednesdays at 2:00
377 McCone Hall


8/25, Katie leads
  • Beydoun et al., Dissecting anvil cloud response to sea surface warming, GRL, 2021
9/1, Katie leads
  • Feldl and Merlis, Polar amplification in idealized climates: the role of ice, moisture, and seasons, GRL, 2021
9/8, Nathaniel leads
  • Xia et al., Global famine after nuclear war, preprint, 2021
9/15, Rusen leads
  • Myers et al., Observational constraints on low cloud feedback reduce uncertainty of climate sensitivity, Nature CC, 2021
9/22, Yi-Chuan leads
  • Charn and Parishani, Predictive proxies of present and future lightning in a superparameterized model, JGR, 2021
9/29, Naomi leads
  • Ghimire et al., Global albedo change and radiative cooling from anthropogenic land cover change, 1700 to 2005 based on MODIS, land use harmonization, radiative kernels, and reanalysis, GRL, 2014
10/6, Nathaniel leads
  • Singh and Neogi, On the interaction between moist convection and large-scale ascent in the tropics, preprint, 2021
10/13, Yi Zhang leads
  • Igel et al., Make It a Double? Sobering Results from Simulations Using Single-Moment Microphysics Schemes, JAS, 2015
10/20, Harsha leads
  • Gillett et al., Constraining human contributions to observed warming since the pre-industrial period, Nature CC, 2021
10/27, Yi-Chuan leads
  • Coop et al., Wildfire-driven forest conversion in western North American landscapes, BioScience, 2020
11/3, Naomi leads
  • Turbet et al., Day–night cloud asymmetry prevents early oceans on Venus but not on Earth, Nature, 2021
11/10, Rusen leads
  • Rasp et al., Deep learning to represent subgrid processes in climate models, PNAS, 2018
11/17, Yi leads
  • Schappi et al., Drop-in fuels from sunlight and air, Nature, 2022
12/1, Harsha leads
  • Pithan and Jung, Arctic amplification of precipitation changes: The energy hypothesis, GRL, 2021
12/8, Ankur leads
  • Seeley and Wordsworth, Episodic deluges in simulated hothouse climates, Nature, 2021