Thompson (Romps), AdS Solutions of 2D Type 0A, Phys Rev D, 2004






Matter and energy can warp space and time into many different geometries. An example of a warped space is the region surrounding the Earth: the mass of the Earth bends space and time in such a way that objects accelerate towards the center of our planet. The shape of space and time outside a black hole is the same as outside the Earth -- the difference between the two is the existence of a ``horizon'' on a black hole. This is the region beyond which no matter can escape, not even light.

Very close to the horizon of a black hole, space and time arranges itself in a configuration called Anti de Sitter space (AdS). By working with AdS theories in fewer dimensions than our own 4D world, it is hoped that the equations may be simple enough for us to understand the essential features of black holes.

In ``AdS Solutions of 2D Type 0A,'' I present a new family of AdS solutions in the two-dimensional Type 0A theory. It is hoped that this new set of solutions will enable the kind of progress that has so far been unattainable in higher dimensional theories.